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Month: August 2018

Sailing High Seas of Imagination and Possibility

Imagine yourself sailing toward a horizon of possibility. Miniatures let us enter another world of magic, make-believe, and adventure. Miniatures have a strange evocative power to transform us from ordinary people standing in museums to pirates, or a wealthy heiress with a yacht at our command. What adventure do you imagine for yourself onboard this fine ship?

Part of the Door County Maritime Museum’s collection of ship models.

Back to School and Fall Anemone Bloom, Feeling Time’s Tug

Look what’s blooming! Fall anemone. A friend says she finds changing seasons soothing. These blooms fill me with a sense of awe. The holiness of nature awakens all the emotions…happiness, sadness, expectation, regret. Anemone blooms Mark the passage of time; the oars of time dipping and pulling us into the next new moment.

School starts today. There are lots of parents and children feeling that tug of time pulling us into the next new moment.

Roses, Hydrangea and Phlox: Three Beauties for Your Table

Trimmed the rose bushes this weekend so that we’ll have spectacular blooms in September and October. The rose beds look a bit forlorn, but the table vase looks spectacular. Roses, hydrangea and phlox are in abundance right now. It’s a great time to bring them in to brighten your table.

The empty rose beds remind me God sometimes prunes our ambitions and projects so that we’ll shine better later.

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