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Join Me for this FREE Retreat!

Rooted and Reaching explores our relationship with the natural world through trees. Trees have much to give and teach us. Join us as we explore the cooperative relationship between us and trees.
This retreat will reflect on how trees impact our physical and emotional well-being. This session will incorporate meditative practices and creative opportunities to explore how trees physically and emotionally impact you.
Join Sue Schuerman and Felecia Babb in this three-hour FREE retreat to explore our relationship with trees.
Pre-Registration Required. Call (319) 273-8641

Joy Spotting

I’m missing planning for the festive celebrations that Thanksgiving and Christmas provide. Finding joy in this season requires noticing where we place our attention.

Check out the new EarthWhispers Abbey video for a suggestion for finding solace, even joy, in this season.



Sue and Felecia

Transformative Power of Water

Water comes in many forms from solid to gas to liquid just as our emotional lives transform according to experience and circumstance.  Here’s a mini-exercise to allow you to explore the transformative power of water. 



Sue and Felecia

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