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Join Me for this FREE Retreat!

Rooted and Reaching explores our relationship with the natural world through trees. Trees have much to give and teach us. Join us as we explore the cooperative relationship between us and trees.
This retreat will reflect on how trees impact our physical and emotional well-being. This session will incorporate meditative practices and creative opportunities to explore how trees physically and emotionally impact you.
Join Sue Schuerman and Felecia Babb in this three-hour FREE retreat to explore our relationship with trees.
Pre-Registration Required. Call (319) 273-8641

How to Slow Down

Watercolor class starts tomorrow. The first thing we’re painting is fall leaves. You can click on the fall coloring page image, download it, and paint or color it with us.
Fall leaf season is a perfect time to begin if you’re looking for a way to practice a mindful approach to living. Take the time to gather a leaf, look at all the nuances of color and attempt to record what you see. The goal isn’t to get it “right” or make a “work of art.” The goal is to live fully alive to what is present in this minute. The wonder of seasonal changes. The mystery of chemistry as the leaves change. To leave blame, worry, angst, and bitterness behind. Even 5 minutes spent looking at a leaf can center and ground you in profound ways.
Life doesn’t have to be hard. Step into the wonder.



Watercolor for Beginners:

Three Wednesday’s 6-8:30 pm. NOW June 10-24, $89

Would you like to paint in watercolor but don’t know where to start? In this class, you will learn basic watercolor techniques that will help you create your own paintings. In this three session class, Felecia covers color mixing, application techniques and fun watercolor effects.
Sign up here. Classes at Hawkeye Community College, Main Campus, Black Hawk Hall, Room 254

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