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Joy Spotting

I’m missing planning for the festive celebrations that Thanksgiving and Christmas provide. Finding joy in this season requires noticing where we place our attention.

Check out the new EarthWhispers Abbey video for a suggestion for finding solace, even joy, in this season.



Sue and Felecia

Stubborn Hope

Amazing fact: flying in their v-formation geese can fly 71 percent further than they can alone.

Today, before we know the election results typifies 2020. The anxiety is palpable. We seem to be getting hit from all sides. The southern coast just suffered its 11th hurricane, the West from Colorado to California is on fire, and Covid is invading our small towns and rural areas with a vengeance. Many people are losing jobs, homes, and hope. And we wait on pins and needles for the election outcome.

And yet the geese are still flying. They are migrating. I live in a town that still has fields in the middle of town. Recently I noticed geese congregating in a harvested cornfield. The field had plenty of corn the combine missed, a small pond, a perfect sanctuary for migrating geese. I pulled my car over to watch for a few minutes. Small groups of geese rose, flying off while others landed.

The geese have something important to say to us at this particular moment. I noticed that even if only three geese took off, they kept the v-formation. When I got home I wanted to stay in this moment of nature connection versus hearing more headlines. So I googled geese migration. And learned that geese flying together in the v-formation increase their daily range by 71 percent. The honking we hear is the guys in back encouraging the ones up front to keep up their speed.

It’s hard to keep up with the speed of life at this moment. So much is outside our control. And that’s hard for those of us with a “Let’s get ‘er done” mentality. How to deal with so much heartbreak, loss, sadness, even anger?

We could circle our tribal wagons, firing at all we think are wrong. We can stop talking, stop listening, stop loving each other through our differences.

Or we can lean into the tensions of the moment. Surrender our need to understand, control, be right. We could talk less, listen more, make soup, dust, call a friend. There’s no magic here. No promise of rainbows, unicorns, and kittens. Just the sitting with brokenness. Letting confusion reign until we know what the next best step is. Acknowledging the real loss, pain, and sadness.

Stubborn hope waits out loss and heartbreak. Stubborn hope let’s loss and grief have their moments and then, eventually taps us on the shoulder with dreams, hopes, desire.

Stubborn hope sounds like the call of geese flying south. Stubborn hope urges us onward.


Felecia Babb

The Magic of Kindness

Without kindness we go sour. Kindness forces us out of our narrow concerns, usually about ourselves. Kindness reminds us that self is rather narrow and constricting. When we escape the confines of self into something bigger like family or community or a cause, we spring ourselves from self’s prison.

Kindness isn’t extravagant or showy so we often miss it blooming. It’s the invite from the neighbor for a cup of coffee, the timely message of care and concern from a friend, your spouse doing your “chore”, a nodded hello to a stranger.

A friendly, tender or well-disposed effort on behalf of others makes both giver and recipient happy. Kindness leaves a trail of goodwill in its wake.

I keep a daily gratitude journal as a way to practice noticing. I recommend the practice, if, like me, you tend toward nursing grudges rather than gratitude. Documenting gratitude lightens your psyche. This month, I kept a kindness journal. Kindness stuns in its regularity and diversity.

Kindness isn’t going to radically change the world, even if it makes everyone’s life a titch easier. Practicing kindness doesn’t deliver particular or extraordinary results. Some days kindness just lets us happily hang out.

Kindness isn’t magical, it’s magic.


Transformative Power of Water

Water comes in many forms from solid to gas to liquid just as our emotional lives transform according to experience and circumstance.  Here’s a mini-exercise to allow you to explore the transformative power of water. 



Sue and Felecia

Summer Power

We are amongst the lucky ones in this week’s powerful storm. We have power. Which means we have refrigeration and water. We can cook and gas pumps work.

Phone service, both landlines and cell are spotty and 911 service is down across much of Iowa. Internet was restored this morning in my small city.

Last night I learned big chunks of the East Coast are still without power , a week after Hurricane Isaias.

This morning I listen to the cicada symphony. Their pulsing symphony a lament for all those without power in a world where we take our dependence on the electric grid for granted.

And yet, all across the land, neighbor helps neighbor. Replacing one kind of energy with another. May you experience the energy of connection today.

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