The Friday Flower this week are these lovely Dahlias. This is the first year that I’ve grown Dahlias. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I planted a mix of forced bulbs and bare bulbs. The forced bulbs flowered all summer.

Here are the dahlia’s growing in the garden.

The bare bulbs just started blooming mid-August, normally a quite time in the garden. What a fabulous pop of color.

Our friend Barbara recently gifted me with a treasure trove of sweetly embrodiered hankies, scarf runners and hand towels. I’m using them to anchor my Friday flowers on the little kitchen table in the nook.

I’ve been putting my Friday Flowers on these sweet hand embroderied hankies, a gift from dear friend Barbara.


The Dahlia is related to sunflowers, zinnia, daisy and chrysanthemum. I love sunflowers, unfortunately so do the rabbits, after several tries I’ve given up on sunflowers. The good news is the rabbits ignore the dahlias!

The only downside to the dahlias is that they are annuals here. Which means either I have to dig up all those tubers in a couple of weeks, or let them rot and plant new next spring. My success rate in digging, drying and replanting tubers isn’t very good. So far I’ve failed every time. I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks if the angels of my better nature want to try again.

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