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Roses, Hydrangea and Phlox: Three Beauties for Your Table

Trimmed the rose bushes this weekend so that we’ll have spectacular blooms in September and October. The rose beds look a bit forlorn, but the table vase looks spectacular. Roses, hydrangea and phlox are in abundance right now. It’s a great time to bring them in to brighten your table.

The empty rose beds remind me God sometimes prunes our ambitions and projects so that we’ll shine better later.

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Friday Flower

From my home garden

This week’s Friday Flower is the hydrangea.

This one blooms in my front garden.  It’s a happy accident that the rose bushes in front of the bush mingle with the cone shape of the hydrangea flowers.  Lovely, no?

This is the small tree form of the hydrangea.  I have loads of hydrangea bushes too.

Deep shade garden

These live in an area of the garden so deeply shaded and wet that before I planted these NOTHING grew here.

The hydrangea’s with over 70 varities means you can find just the right fit for almost any  gardening condition from dry to wet and full sun to deep shade.

The hydrangea also sports a number of different flower shapes and sizes from the lacy,

from Marijo’s garden

to the mop head.

Mop head variety from Davids garden

Hydrangeas are typically white. But by playing with your soil’s ph you can get a range of color from blue, purple, and pink.

Hydrangea have the added benefit of blooming from June till frost, making them a great performer in your garden beds.

Have a fabulous weekend wonder ones!

  • Deep shade garden

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