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How to Slow Down

Watercolor class starts tomorrow. The first thing we’re painting is fall leaves. You can click on the fall coloring page image, download it, and paint or color it with us.
Fall leaf season is a perfect time to begin if you’re looking for a way to practice a mindful approach to living. Take the time to gather a leaf, look at all the nuances of color and attempt to record what you see. The goal isn’t to get it “right” or make a “work of art.” The goal is to live fully alive to what is present in this minute. The wonder of seasonal changes. The mystery of chemistry as the leaves change. To leave blame, worry, angst, and bitterness behind. Even 5 minutes spent looking at a leaf can center and ground you in profound ways.
Life doesn’t have to be hard. Step into the wonder.

Finding Free Beauty Right Outside Your Door

Every year butternut leaves fall at the end of June. It reminds me of a favorite passage from Ted Kooser’s book, Local Wonders:

“Gold in the grass, gold falling from above, even little flurries of gold that lift from the grass and rise back into the air as if they weighed nothing, and, in fact, nothing they weigh. And all for free.”

Enjoy your weekend and all the free joy and beauty right at your feet.

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