Occasionally my sweet niece, Melynda, sends me packages of goodies.

Usually the packages arrive as a surprise filled with interesting articles, magazines, clothes and tidbits.

Melynda knows I hate to shop. When I say, “I hate to shop”; I mean I’ll wear rags before I darken the door of store. A root canal sounds like more fun than shopping. Melynda is my own personal Stitch Fix.

Yesterday the newest package arrived. Full as usual of fabulous clothes that fit! Better than the clothes, were three lovely notes. (If you like notes too, read this post about notes from Megan.)

There was the Grand Opus, a four-page letter written over several days.

Melynda changed ink color as the days changed so I could keep track.

She has such pretty hand-writing, don’t you think?

Melynda has a lovely writing style, full of news from family, her “doings”, new ideas to talk over the next time we see each other, what she finds interesting reading right now, and updates on her garden.

Before this letter arrived, I’d been remembering the letters Grandma used to write. She’d pour a cup of coffee, sit at the kitchen table with several sheets of paper and write to family and friends.

What a joyful way to spend 20, 40 or 60 minutes. Thinking about someone you love and writing to them strengthens our bonds.

I’ve got a million excuses why I can’t write the letter. Starting with my handwriting. My handwriting isn’t as beautiful as Melynda’s, but it is legible.

I worry I don’t have much to say of interest. Melynda’s letter shows me that when we’re close to someone, whatever she’s interested in, we find fascinating.

It’s such a pleasure to receive a letter. But I find it difficult to find time for such an endeavor. I think Melynda shows us how to do it! Just grab a lovely piece of paper and write for five or ten minutes. Who says a letter should be written at one sitting?

The cards that she tucked in are a delight too.

I adore this from Mary Emerling’s Home Companion Magazine. It is “darling” as Melynda writes. The hand-written note says, “And a magical summer was had by all.”

This lovely Imagine card is such a delicious visual treat!

And so full of news.

One of the great joys of my friendship with Melynda is that even though we live hours apart and visit each other only a couple of times a year, we are often thinking and doing the same things which we only discover when we see each other or send a note or email.

Melynda’s package full of lovely notes arrived on the same day that the note cards I’d ordered using my watercolors arrived from the printer!

I’d sent out three notes that very morning.

I’d love to drop you a line. Send me an email at feleciababb@gmail.com with your name and physical address and email address (all three please!) and I’ll send you a note on one of my new cards.