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Ducky Tuesday

Hope your Tuesday is just ducky! We’re at that point in the summer when the sand at the top of the hour glass is growing smaller. Hope as you look at the grains of sand in the bottom of your hour glass you see a collection of treasured moments. Those least tangible, least material moments when children’s cast off toys remind us of the JOY of summer.

Ripening into Bliss in the July Heat

A friend loaned me Thomas Merton’s Book of Hours. It makes perfect reading on these hot, steamy days when the only sounds outside are cicadas and the shout of children jumping into swimming pools. After a busy two weeks filled with company, meetings and deadlines, it was lovely to escape the heat in my studio, drinking in Merton’s words

“The man who is unripe cannot get there, no matter what he does or does not do. But the ripe fruit falls out of the tree without even thinking about it.” Thomas Merton, A Book of Hours.

I feel myself falling, if not into enlightenment, into bliss.

Sweet Summer and Fireflies

The fireflies are lighting up the night sky. I heard the first cicada chorus on my walk last night. I walked by two little girls eating an ice cream cone in their swimsiuts smelling of chlorine and suntan lotion. The sights, sounds, tastes and smells of summer. Sweet summer is here! What makes it summer for you? Leave a reply in comments.

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