Finding Hope in No-thing

A Fresh Start

A new year is dawning. What will you make of it? What will it make of you?

I invite you to sit here for a moment. Take in the tide ebbing and flowing. Take in your own ebb and flow.

I leave you with this blessing from my EarthWhispers sister, Sue Schuerman:

Like birds sing the day into being, may you, too, break into song at the mere appearance of dawn.

I’m missing planning for the festive celebrations that Thanksgiving and Christmas provide. Finding joy in this season requires noticing where we place our attention.

Check out the new EarthWhispers Abbey video for a suggestion for finding solace, even joy, in this season.


Take a contemplative walk through the woods with the EarthWhispers sisters

Enjoy xo

Sue and Felecia

Meditation breathing exercise to tune your mind and body to your breath.


Enjoy, xo

Sue and Felecia

Mini exercise to use water to reflect on the transformative power of water.

Enjoy! xo

Sue and Felecia

Mini exercise for finding your rhythm partner in nature. Enjoy!


Sue and Felecia


EarthWhispers: Earth

Join EarthWhispers sisters, Felecia Babb and Sue Schuerman to discover how Earth serves as an imaginative gateway to our inner and outer worlds. Immerse yourself in nature through creative exercises, guided meditation and meaningful celebrations. This video brought to you through the generosity of Shalom Spirituality Center.